Wherein I pimp the CalCPA International Tax Conference and tell covered expatriates something depressing

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Who files Form 8854 and what if you’re late?

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New Mailing List – CalCPA International Tax Events

There is a new mailing list on our hodgen.com/lists page, started today:  the CalCPA International Tax Events list. The purpose of the list is to increase the number of people who attend the CalCPA International Tax Conference. I am the chair of that conference. We had a great event yesterday in San Francisco — our […]

Harassment of expatriate by USCIS reported

Today I received an email from a correspondent who is a recent expatriate.  He reports a sobering experience at the hands of our trusted servants at the border.  With permission (and identifying information anonymized with [ALL CAPS]): Hi Phil, I much appreciate your newsletter. Now I have a question that may be of wider interest. […]

Edinburgh Consulate now processes renunciations

A correspondent tells me that the Edinburgh Consulate will now process renunciations.  Since this is a new venue, the wait times should be better than elsewhere.